Saving Lives One Nickel at a Time


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Make checks out to:     Nickel from Nicole
Send Checks to :          4504 Southgate Drive
                                      Plano, TX 75024

Nickel Cards can be ordered pre-assembled, "OR" the materials and assembly instructions can be ordered allowing the building of Nickel Cards.

Compliment your existing safe driving awareness program with Nickel Cards, or start your own awareness program using Nickel Cards.

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Nickel from Nicole does not want "cost" to be the hurdle that prevents you from spreading safe driving awareness to new teen drivers (and adults). Therefore, Nickel Cards are offered at no cost.  

Nickel from Nicole is currently able to finance its operations from the monies it receives from local fund raising events and the heartfelt DONATIONS it receives. 

If you are able - your tax deductible donation is deeply appreciated.

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