I am a junior at Wakefield High School in Raleigh, NC. I recently was in an accident due to distracted driving myself and was lucky to walk away without injury. I found out about this charity through my parents(My father worked with Jeff Legrow for many years), and I thought that I could spread this charity throughout my community. I would love to distribute the Nickel from Nicole cards during a 5k race run by my high school called "Just Think First", another charity to raise awareness for the mistakes of teens. I will be volunteering at the race distributing T-Shirts to all racers and hope to give each recipient of a T-Shirt a Nickel Card as well. I would like to order 1000x Cards unassembled, and plan to have my National Honors Society assemble them after school one day. I am happy to cover the cost of printing the cards and all other supplies, and if it would be easier I could have them printed locally, I would just need the design specifications. My goal is to start the assembly process the week of November 8-15. Thank you for your time, I hope to bring awareness to the Raleigh Area of Nickel From Nicole and promote safe driving among my peers.

Thanks Again.

Hello! I am the Wall Middle School Student Council sponsor. Recently, my student council officers attended the Texas Annual Middle School Conference in San Marcos and spoke with someone about Nickel from Nicole. They were inspired!! They came to me immediately wanting to hand out these cards to our high school students. They said, “How cool would it be for us to inspire them to drive more safely!” I agree. It could be very cool. They are currently preparing a small presentation to give to the high school students here at Wall. They would then like to hand out Nickel from Nicole cards to each of them. We would need @400 cards. Would that be possible? Approximately how long until the cards where shipped here? Thank you in advance, and please let me know if there is any additional information you need from us.

Wall Middle School Student Council

Hello, My son was on Student Council last year at Shelton and he was one of the students who pushed to have you speak to the high school. I am now in charge of his Young Men's Service League chapter in McKinney and I am trying to arrange speakers for the year. Our February meeting is supposed to discuss Life Choices and I would love to see if you are available to talk to our 9th & 10th grade boys (approximately 50 boys.) 
Please contact me if you are interested and let me know how this would work. Many thanks!

I am the Student Council sponsor at Splendora High School in Splendora Texas. Each year my council chooses an organization we would like to help support by making a monetary donation. We like to encourage other high schools to help support those organizations as well. We do this by making donations to our chosen organizations in the name of our opposing school for each Friday night football game during that school year. My Council would love to spread the word about Nickel from Nicole by giving each of our rival schools 1,000 of your cards for their own council to take back to their own school and share your message. We will donate $600 to your organization at the end of August or early September. Would you be able to send us 12,000 cards for us to share with those schools? Our first football game is fast approaching and we would love to be able to start with that game. Thank you.

Hi! I'm the Special Projects coordinator for The Woodlands High School Student Council. I'm interested in spreading awareness for safe driving. I heard about Nickel From Nicole from a friend who tried to do this last year, but didn't have enough time. We plan to distribute the cards during either all lunches or advisory. We have plenty of people in student council to help assemble the cards, and we have roughly 3000+ students. My school does not have a safe driving program, but I would love to promote safe driving, because there have been terrible tragedies due to car accidents. I am planning to do this the last week of November, so November 28th- December 2nd. Thank you so so much!!

I was researching safe driving and good choices for our SADD organization to do and I came across Nickel from Nicole. We would love to use the Nickel from Nicole cards to help with our safe driving campaigns. Could we please have 275 card kits sent to our school for our safe driving campaigns? Thank you! 
Tuscola High School 
Tuscola, IL 61953

Good morning, I received some information about the Nickel from Nicole at the TASC Advisors workshop in Sept. We are involved with Teens in the Drivers Seat so try and do driver safety projects frequently. My student council would like to pass out Nickel Cards to our student drivers (Approx. 100 students). I think I’d like to have the kids make the cards themselves. It will give them more ownership with the project. Since we have the presentation, our StuCo members can go to each of the homeroom classes to share Nicole's story and pass out Nickel Cards. This would be right before our homecoming (ours is a little later than most) but would be a good way to raise awareness. We were wondering how to order some of the postcards. Thanks.

Valle Verde Early College High School

Hi, I am the Student Body President from Hamshire-Fannett High School and would love if we could have some of the Nickel cards to hand out to students on our campus. I received a Nickel card at State Convention last year, which has been placed in my car, and every time someone asks me about it I share them Nicole's story. I want to spread Nicole's story not only to the passengers in my car, but would like to start an awareness program with the cards to my whole school as well (9th-12th grade). I was wanting to be able to give one to each student so 600--but if that isn't possible then we will take as many as we can get. Our StuCo can assemble them if that means we can get them quicker! Please get back to me with information on how to get the cards. Thank you so much!

Hello, I am the Student Council President at Infinity Early College HS.  I heard about Nickel from Nicole at the TASC state conference.  I am very interested in your program since a lot of our students are drivers and this will be a perfect way to raise awareness to drive safely, as well as to remember the consequences of not doing so.  I would like to build 165 Nickel Cards and integrate the message into our DASH program.  Thank you​.

News & Events

Hi, we are going to do a driver's safety week the week after thanksgiving. Any chance we could place an order for 1,000 cards that would be able to arrive that week? Also, we would love to make a $150 donation. 
Thank you.

Barbers Hill High School

Hello, Mary Carroll High School attended a student council convention where we visited a table that was set up with the Nickel from Nicole fliers and cards. My council and I are interested in bringing this important message to our school to make our students aware of it. We would like to request 500 assembled cards to be delivered by February 1, 2018. We plan to show a video in our cafeteria and during English classes, and then hand out the cards in the cafeteria / and after school as students / teachers & administration are heading out to their cars in the parking lots. THANK YOU!

Good afternoon, My Student Council members want to pass these cards around, and show your presentation as part of our Health & Safety Awareness Week. We would like 115 cards which will cover our entire school. They do not need to be pre-assembled. Our address is: Tomball Star Academy 30330 Quinn Rd. Tomball, TX 77375 Cards would be needed in February. I look forward to sharing Nicole’s story with our students as most of them are starting to take Driver’s Ed and are earning their permit. Thank you for sharing Nicole’s story; I’m sure that it has saved the life of more than one teen!

Dear LeGrow Family, I am the administrative representative for Deer Park High School's DRIVE program, which helps to remind students about safe driving. I heard about your program from Teens in the Driver’s Seat.  The nickel and card would make a fantastic lesson during our advisory period for our juniors and seniors who drive each day. So many times, reckless driving is witnessed by many, including in our parking lot. We have approximately 3100 10th-12th graders and would love to get these for all our students. Please let me know if this is possible. I appreciate your consideration. ​ The message you are sharing with the world is making a difference!

Hello, I am part of Student Council at Porter High School. My student council group and I are interested in ordering the "Nickel" cards, to be able to promote safe driving to students that drive to school and parents that drive their children to school.. We will be needing 2,100 cards and we will greatly appreciate it if the cards could already be pre-assembled. Also the PowerPoint will really help us get the story across the school; we would show the PowerPoint during our school announcements. Finally we would need the cards before January 31st to start getting the message across campus. Thank You so much and if you have any questions feel free to email me. Have a great day.

Hi there, I spoke to you at TASC conference this past week. My principal has approved me to spread the word and inform kids on safe driving habits with Nickel from Nicole. We are going to have a presentation during our 4th period classes for the school. I would like to order 2,500 of the cards and materials. Thank you so very much!!


Thank you so much for sharing the love from your family and Nicole! My school, Brazoswood High School, took part in Nickels From Nicole on Friday, October 27th. It was a great success and we were able to reach all 2400 of our students. We uploaded the video to a folder for all teachers to show during their 4th period lesson. Cards with nickels had been assembled well in advanced and delivered in a timely manner to the teachers. Kids were talking about this all day after they had watched the presentation and gotten their cards. We truly thank you for sharing your wonderful daughter's love and compassion with every single one of our students. God bless you guys.

Hello, I am an incoming senior at Donna North High School in Donna, Texas. On campus, I, along with a fellow peer are the "figureheads" of our school and community. We are called the Indian Spirit and Princess. With these highly prestigious positions we believe we will be able to reach a larger community and bring awareness of such a beautiful project like Nickle for Nicole. I had the pleasure of meeting Jeff LeGrow in person at a student council convention and have been wanting to take part in his project for two years. With the Nickle cards I hope to make an empowering statement and make our community aware of such a grand topic.  We have 2100 students on campus.  I hope to hear back from you all soon and I look forward to taking part in this project.

In April, I attended the TASC event and visited your booth. As part of a joint project for the community, our student council would like to assemble Nickle cards and hand them out. We have 2160 students ( high school and middle school). I would love to have a copy of the short presentation, so we can show during our lunch. What is our next step?

Floresville High School
Student Council Advisor

Hello, we spoke last weekend at the TASC Advisors Convention. I shared your story with my StuCo kids and they would really like to share Nicole's story and assemble some kits for their classmates. We have about 250 juniors and seniors that we'd like to hand these out to in January. Please let me know what I can do! Thank you again.

I heard about Nickel from Nicole at TASC & previous student council projects. We’d like to start a safe driving awareness campaign targeting our junior & senior classes (those that drive. We are interested in receiving 300 Nickel kits for my Student Council at Aldine High School.

Hi there Mr. LeGrow!
I met you at the TASC Middle Level Conference Last Weekend!
We are so moved by Nicole's story and I think it is a WONDERFUL idea for our Jr. High kids to build and distribute the cards to share their message of Driver Safety to their older siblings, teachers, and parents!
We have about 2100 students at our High School. Although we are aware there is no charge for the cards and materials, what would the overall cost to your organization be to send that quantity of materials to us?
We would like to try to help cover the costs of those materials that we would use to send this message out to our school family.
I look forward to hearing from you!

Hi, I’m the student council advisor at King HS in Corpus Christi TX. I met your group at our student council state convention in April. We just finished our red ribbon week and was interested in following up with this project the first or second week in November. We feel this campaign will be of so much value to our student body. We have a student body of 1500. We could get out own nickels if we need to just like the card. What is your fb and other social media so that we can follow? Thank you so much!

Hello! We would like to participate. We would also like to order extra, to present to a neighboring school. Can we order 1000...what can we do to help support this cause? The cards do not need to be separated, or assembled. We will do that as a class project. We will be incorporating the video and story in our project. The video will be played in each homeroom period, for all the student body. We would like to get started on this great awareness project as soon as possible.
Thank You - Onalaska Jr/Sr High School

On Aug 26th 7:05PM, the Cleburne Railroaders baseball team will be wearing uniforms with a "Nickel from Nicole" logo!!!! At the end of the game players will sign, and raffle the "Shirt Off My Back", with proceeds benefiting Nickel from Nicole - how awesome is that! Limited complimentary game tickets are available if you would like to come on out and join the fun! Please inquire through e-mail @ info@NickelFromNicole.com

Many thanks to "Team Store" and "Top-Notch Promotional Printing" for making this possible!

I am the NHS Adviser at Troup High School. I saw you at the Student Council Convention in San Marcos back in September. I had a member that raised money for our local police department as her individual service project last year. They want to use the money for public relations with our students, so we would like to consider joining your format with them. They (our SRO) bought items for the students to keep....like cups, keychains, pens, etc. I believe the items have a slogan ("no message is worth the risk"). I talked to my principals. They love the idea of your campaign! My goal is to have an all school (high schoolers) assembly on the Friday we get out of school for Spring Break, which is March 9. We are a 3A school just about 15 miles southeast of Tyler with approximately 325 students in high school. We can purchase the cards to save you money for another school that may not have the funds. Again, thanks so much for your quick response and your heart to spread the word about distracted driving. I look forward to talking to you soon.

Hello I am a student council officer at Eastwood High School in El Paso Texas. I found out about Nickel from Nicole on the Texas Association of Student Councils website and I was really intrigued by it. Through our school’s DASH Program I would like to raise awareness of safe driving habits for our 11th & 12th grade drivers, so I am seeking about 600 nickel cards. The date I am targeting this event is on October 4th. I was also wondering this there is a link to a video that I can show at our student council meeting. Thank you very much for your collaboration with us. We really do hope to impact our students with this project.

Hello, I am with James Madison High School’s student council. I believe you talked to our sponsor. She shared Nickel From Nicole with us and we found it very inspiring and we would like to share it with other student councils at our next meeting. Our next meeting in October is called “Fall General” and it is where many student councils from other schools come together to share ideas that they have done, or are going to do to better the community. This information would be going out to teenagers across Texas. If possible we would like 550 total. 500 for us on our campus, so we can go out to lunches and spread the work. Then 50 for “Fall General”. We could assemble them ourselves. This is a story that should be shared and we want to help you do so.

Hello! Conroe Student Council here. We would like to order supplies/cards for the Nickel from Nicole program. We have about 800 parking spots--people who drive to school (including teachers). We actually have about 3,700 student sophomore-seniors. I would like to target the whole school, but if not--at least the drivers. We would like hand the card out prior to spring break on March 9th. Thank you.

I am the student council advisor at Smithson Valley High School in Spring Branch, TX outside of San Antonio.  I heard about the Nickel from Nicole program when I was at the TASC advisors’ conference in the spring.  Next week, March 9-10, our school will be having our Shattered Dreams program that our FACS organization runs. In speaking with them, we thought that passing out Nickel cards to our students at the assembly could help to enforce the message. We know this is kind of last minute, and don't know the turnaround time, but if possible, we'd like to order cards. We will have up to 1000 students in the assembly. We'd like to get between 500 and 1000 pre-assembled cards, if possible. If the request is too late, we understand and will keep it in mind for next year. We appreciate what you're doing to get teens to think before they get behind the wheel. Thank you! 

We are the W.B. Ray Student Council from Corpus Christi, Texas, 1002 Texan Trail 78411. We would like to order approximately 400 cards to distribute to our Senior class of 2018 sometime within February of 2018. We look forward to spreading Nicole's message and hope to hear from you soon.

Hello! I am the Student Council historian at Johnson High School and we were wanting to get the message of how harmful distracted driving is out to our classmates. I heard about Nickel From Nicole at our Texas Association of Student Councils district Fall General, another school in our district (James Madison HS ) gave a presentation about how they used your message at their school. They showed your PowerPoint presentation and told us they handed out a card to upperclassmen English classes! I go to Claudia Taylor Johnson High School our school website can be found atwww.neisd.net/johnson. I look forward to spreading this message and showing this PowerPoint to my fellow classmates. My student Council would like to place one card on each car in our student parking lot which is about 500 cars. We will take them as soon as possible so we can get the message out to our student body! How can we order cards to hand out at our school?

Mr. LeGrow,
Please send me 1200 Nickel Cards for our school, Hodges Bend Middle School.

Peace & Blessings
C. Ford

Hi Jeff, It was a pleasure meeting you and your wife today. I noticed your Nickel on your shirt and decided I needed to find out more about your cause and your wonderful daughter. I have a 9yr old son who will be driving in a few short years. He needs to understand what can happen when you make careless choices and how it can effect him and others forever. Thank you for having the courage to share your story and Nicole's (Nickel's) with the rest of the world. You are very courageous and brave. I would love to help spread the word about Nickel cards. I could drop some off at the local high school and give them your contact information. Living in the High Country we also have extreme driving conditions that young people have to deal with as well as inexperience, so I am happy to help spread your message. If you could send me some pre-assembled cards or whatever is easier. I want to put them in our cars at home and give a few to the high school. I think they should be put out at the DMV too. My deepest condolences to you & your family. Nicole's beautiful spirit lives on in the important message that you are sharing. 
Sincerely, Angela

Good Day, Our National Honor Society would love to honor Nicole's memory by conducting our own campaign here at our school. Their plans are to set up a table during both lunches to spread the word about Teenage Safe Driving Awareness. They will also have the video playing on our tv sets in the cafeteria and the hallways. Lastly, we will incorporate her story in the announcements. May we have 250 cards/nickels? I would need the cards and nickels by February 21st.
Thank you so much for your help.

Killeen High School 
National Honor Society

The Red Oak High School HADDIT (Hawks Against Destructive Decisions Inspiring Teens) organization supported by Project Success, participated in the Nickel from Nicole campaign. Students attached post cards on student driver's windshields at ROHS. This nickel is to be placed on the dashboard of your car to remind you to drive safely all the time. HADDIT is a group of students at Red Oak High School taking a stand against the dangers of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and other destructive decisions. Sponsors for the group are Sgt. Lori Guarnero and Charmianne Womack from the ROISD Police Dept.

Your website was passed onto to me from a Coworker after my daughter was in an auto accident. She was driving too fast for weather conditions. It hit home- I was lucky my daughter walked away. I reached out to her High School and they have agreed to share Nicole's story. I have confirmation from broadcasting that they will be playing the slide show and then each teacher will immediately pass out the cards after the broadcast to hopefully open up conversation. Their Resource Officer is partnering with them and has reached out to his traffic deputy to see if there is anything else they can do to help raise awareness. If we could get 1600- cards sent to : Del Oro High School, 3301 Taylor Rd, Loomis, CA 95650 
Please send as soon as possible - they would like to make this one of the student Leadership actions for this term. Early February would be great. Michelle G. is the Student Teacher Leadership advisor.

I see Nicole - I see my daughter. Thank You for sharing her story - It can save other lives. Anita R.

What is the fee for a one-hour assembly to speak with our Upper School kids about Nicole's story? We have approximately 375 kids in grades 9-12. 

Hi, we met at the Student Council Advisor's Conference last year in San Marcos, and my Student Council kids met you in April at the State Conference. We would like to get 750 cards to start a safe driving/distracted driving program at our school. We want students, staff and our community to read Nicole's story and place the nickel on their dashboard, helping to make our students be safer drivers. 
Thank you.
Student Council Advisor
Granger High School - Granger, Texas

Hello, I’m the StuCo Advisor at Spring Woods Middle School. We spoke at the conference in San Marcos. As a school, we were awarded a grant from Verizon which will allow all 902 of our students to receive an iPad and data plan. We have planned a community event around the distribution of those iPads to our students, who will be in attendance with their parents. We will have food trucks, bounce houses, face painting, various stem stations etc. Our student council will have various informational tables as well as assisting in the event. Since it is such a huge opportunity for our students, my council would like to take this time to promote safe driving awareness as well, therefore I'd like to inquire how get materials for Nickel Cards and the video sent to our campus. We look forward to building awareness with you.