Once a year a community run/walk is held benefiting Nickel from Nicole.  This fundraising event gives individuals, families and community businesses a chance to support the cause. 

There are 2 ways you can sponsor this tax deductible 501(c)3 charity event

  1. Monetary
  2. Goods & Services​
    • Packet bag ItemsMarketing / Advertising “stuff” including coupons, pens, samples etc.
    • Goods & Services: Items donated in value of $100+ will get your logo/name on the shirt’s back and web/social media presence
      • ​Door Prizes and Raffles will be used to advertise the goods and services donated

The Nelsen Family             The Blackburn Family     Charles King       

Terry and Lisa Applegate    Ruth LeGrow                  Tim LeGrow             

Teresa Kristof                     The Coquis Family          Coleman & Dee Robbins​

​Jack & Debbie Smith          Bill & Sherril Martin         Shuley Nakamura

​James Seton                       Dean & Lenora Gray       Bryan Nester

Mike & Amy Zappia             Dave & Larisa Tobin        Allan Redenbaugh

​Eric & Katina Zepp

​Warren & Marianne LeGrow

Opportunity for Sponsorship


Saving Lives One Nickel at a Time

Official Registration Site Here: http://www.getracing.org/big-ass-medal-run-.html

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