Once a year a community run/walk is held benefiting Nickel from Nicole.  This fundraising event gives individuals, families and community businesses a chance to support the cause. 

There are 2 ways you can sponsor this tax deductible 501(c)3 charity event

  1. Monetary
  2. Goods & Services​
    • Packet bag ItemsMarketing / Advertising “stuff” including coupons, pens, samples etc.
    • Goods & Services: Items donated in value of $100+ will get your logo/name on the shirt’s back and web/social media presence
      • ​Door Prizes and Raffles will be used to advertise the goods and services donated

The Nelsen Family          Terry and Lisa Applegate       Don & Ruth LeGrow Bonney Dennis                The Blackburn Family            Ramesh Iyer

​Bill & Sherril Martin          Bala Krishnamurthy               The Prengler Family

​The Purser Family           The Hallman Family               Eric & Katina Zepp

Teresa Kristof                  The Coquis Family                 Lawrence Genender

Gary Miller                       The Toedt Family                   The DuCharme Family

The Nasuti Family            Charles King                          Bryan Nester

​Leo Putchinski                  Coleman & Dee Robbins       Tim LeGrow

​The Hill Family                 The Zappia Family                 John Wehrmacher

Linda and CJ Patti            Terry Zumwalt                        John & Gail Pettit

The Swearingen Family    Warren & Marianne LeGrow

Thank You to All Our Proud Sponsors '17

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