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Nickel from Nicole is a 501(c)3 non-profit, born out of tragedy, whose mission is to promote safe driving awareness to new teenage drivers, and the parents of.  Nicole's tragic death is a wake up call, and reminder to all, of the fatal consequences that can result from a driver's reckless behavior behind the wheel of a vehicle.  See how Nicole's story is helping to save the lives of other teen drivers (and adults) around the world - One Nickel at a Time!  

Hundreds of thousands of "Nickels" have been placed on dashboards as a constant reminder to drive safely

The #1 Cause of Teenage Deaths in the USA is Car Accidents

On average 500,000 teenagers are seriously injured in car accidents each year, and another 5,000 teenagers are killed, making car accidents the leading cause of teen deaths in the USA.


The causes vary but are generally categorized as:

  •     Driver Inexperience
  •     Distracted Driving
  •     Reckless Driving
  •     Impaired Driving
  •     No Seat belt
  •     Night Time/Drowsy Driving

Sadly, most of these deaths are preventable! 

Step 3:  Spread Awareness

To your entire school or group - The Nickel is removed from the card, and placed on the recipient's dashboard as a constant reminder to drive safely

Nicole "Nickel" LeGrow tragically died at the young age of 16

Is the Nickel Campaign effective?  You decide...

"Thank you so much for sharing the love from your family and Nicole!  My school, Brazoswood High School, took part in Nickel From Nicole on Friday, October 27th.  It was a great success and we were able to reach all 2,400 of our students.  We uploaded the video to a folder for all teachers to show during their 4th period lesson.  Cards with nickels had been assembled well in advanced and delivered in a timely manner to the teachers.  Kids were talking about this all day after they had watched the presentation and gotten their cards.  We truly thank you for sharing your wonderful daughter's love and compassion with every single one of our students.  God bless you guys" 

​"Hi, We ordered from you last year and we had an assembly and showed the video and passed out the cards & nickels. I want you to know that it made a huge impact in our community. We still have teachers and students who have their nickels taped to their dash in their cars and help spread the word every chance they get.
We would like to continue this project this year by having another assembly and sharing the cards and nickels with our students. We have 450 student and faculty in our school."

Show us your Nickel !!!

The "Letter from Lance" that inspired the formation of Nickel from Nicole

Start your own "Nickel Campaign" to raise safe driving awareness 

Step 2:  Present Awareness

To your entire school, or group, with the presentation we provide

Step 1:  Build Awareness

With the "FREE"  materials we provide to assemble the "Nickel Cards" you will distribute