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                       The #1 cause of teenage fatalities is vehicular accidents
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              "Always In Our Hearts"

This site is in memory of Nicole "Nickel" LeGrow, a passenger in a car, who's aspiring life came to a tragic end on July 8, 2010 at the young age of 16.

The car, being driven recklessly by her girlfriend, slammed head on into a highway sign in the center median at a speed in excess of 100mph. The driver survived, Nicole did not. A non-alcohol, non-drug, non-texting related accident; preventable and wrongful by all measures. 

Nicole's tragic death is a wake up call and reminder to all, of the fatal consequences that can result from reckless behavior behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Teenagers - You hear the statistics over and over, yet the problem never goes away.  Your inexperience in the first few years leaves you vulnerable to accidents.  Add to your inexperience: speeding, recklessness, distraction, impairment, drowsiness and no seat belt and the numbers in the statistics start to make sense.  The responsibilities required for safe driving, lie on your shoulders.  Please don't risk it.

Parents - Only you know when your child is skilled and mature enough to drive with out supervision. Driving is not a privilege at the age of 16. Ensure your child receives the proper driver's education. Don't cut corners due to convenience or financial reasons. Innocent lives hinge on your decisions.

Thank you for visiting the Nickel From Nicole website. 

Nickel from Nicole is a 501(c)3 non-profit who's mission is to promote safe driving to teenagers.

Nickel from Nicole was inspired by the touching "Letter from Lance" Nicole's family received in the wake of her death.  In his letter Lance describes how he nicknamed Nicole, "Nickel", and how he placed a "Nickel" on the dashboard of his car as a constant reminder for himself to drive safely - that her death would save many others...

Pay it forward - The objective of Nickel from Nicole is simple:

To get other teenagers (and adults) to place a "Nickel" on their dashboard as a constant reminder to drive safely.

The collateral for Nickel from Nicole is a 4"x6" post card called the Nickel Card.  The message on the Nickel Card is simple yet impactful, touching anyone who reads it.  A self-adhered "Nickel" is attached to the card that can be peeled off and placed on the dashboard of the recipient's vehicle.

Our hope is that you will participate individually.  Our dream, in honor of Nicole, is that you will take the initiative to encourage your family, friends neighbors, school, church, youth group, team, city, state to do the same.  It all begins with you.

To date approximately 50,000 Nickel cards have been assembled and shipped around the world!

The impact Nickel From Nicole will have on saving lives can never be measured, however, one dad's perspective is spot on;

"What a great tribute to Nicole! I've got a nickel in all the cars Danny drives now, I hope it gives him pause each time he gets behind the wheel. I know it will for me." 

Thank you for your support.  

         Jeff, Sharlene & Chris LeGrow     

     ***   Together we Can Save Lives One Nickel at a Time   ***

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